The Making of Windowfarms Finland

This page is a document portal for the making of the Window Farm installation for Kiasma ‘takaikkuna’, constructed on 20-21.2.2010 and materially completed 03.3.2010. The plants are growing now: go have a look how. The Window Farm in Kiasma takaikkuna until it will be disassembled from 17.00-18.00 on Sunday 28.3.

Windowfarms Finland design: Mikko Laajola, Niko Punin.

Mukana rakentamassa / Building participants:
Karthikeya Acharya, Sarah Alden, Nathalie Aubert, Andrea Botero, Ieva Cepaite, Kavita Gonsalves, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Simo Haanpää, Kati Hyyppä, Sanne Katainen, Lotta Kauppi, Miška Knapek, Cathérine Kuebel, Mikko Laajola, Mikko Laukkanen, Luna Leinonen, Teemu Leinonen, Merja Markkula, Anne Naukkarinen, Papu Pirtola, Jurriaan Pots, Niko Punin,Sofi Salonen, Pinja Sipari, Tommi Taipale, Ulla Taipale.

Windowfarms Finland producer:
Andrew Gryf Paterson, in cooperation with Ulla Taipale/Capsula.

26th March – 28th March 2010
// ‘LEDs Grow It’ presentation by Niko Punin during Camp Pixelache, 26th March
// Windowfarms Finland harvested for Vivoarts & Herbologies Workshops
// Windowfarms Finland disassembled and distributed on 28th March

25th February – 28th March 2010
// Windowfarms Finland Installation in Kiasma ‘takaikkuna’
// Windowfarm Finland Plant Chart Spreadsheet
// Maintaining the Window Farm system

20th February – 03rd March 2010
// LED grow-light construction and installing infront of plants

20th – 22nd February 2010
// Participatory workshop (aka traditionally in Finnish: talkoot) as Pixelversity event
// Audio compilation of voices and actions by Jurriaan Pots [CC-by-nc-sa]
// Taxonomy of The Bottles by Kati Hyyppä

15th January – 19th February 2010
// Preparing seeds in Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens + Gathering and processing bottles

Download a 2-page ‘Windowfarms Finland Overview’ PDF in english | suomeksi.
// Press release images.

We will be making video clips to be posted on Pixelache’s Vimeo pages, (ETA: June).


‘Window Farms’ are vertical, hydroponic, modular, “low-energy high-yield” window gardens built using low-impact or recycled local materials. The Windowfarms Project and research was initiated by New York-based Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray in 2009, as part of their shared collaborative work exploring collaborative distributed ‘R&DIY’ (Research & Do-It-Yourself) solutions for environmental issues.

Finnish makers Mikko Laajola and Niko Punin have been working in collaboration with artist-producer Andrew Gryf Paterson, with support from Ulla Taipale/Capsula and others to create a new localised manifestation of the project in Finland, developing new design forks including LED growing technologies. They were joined by a group of over 25 local enthusiasts in the construction and documenting process. Some of the plants grown will be used in participatory Herbologies workshops during Pixelache Festival.

Windowfarms Finland development has been supported by an Art and Culture Production grant from Kultur Kontakt Nord, and AVEK (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture). Inkind support is given by the University of Helsinki Botanical Gardens to incubate the seeds, nurturing their growth until their transfer to the Windowfarms installation. Special thanks to the staff of Kiasma Theatre.

Materials support from Edison Opto and Puutarhurin Verstas.