Supermarket 2011

Kultivator (SE) from Öland had a booth at Supermarket2011, the artist-run art fair held each year in Stockholm in late February (18-20.2.), presenting their Crosscultural Nomadic Cheese, as well as processing a manifesto for Art and Agriculture. Further information about their cheese is detailed below.

Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI) travelled from Helsinki, via Turku on the boat to Stockholm, delivering 25 Kurzeme Expedition booklets to the Kultivator stall, where Mathieu Vrijman of Kultivator had made especially a wooden stand for them.

20 booklets were distributed on the day to Swedish attendees, as well as visiting art organisations Caravansarai (Istanbul), Oberliht (Chisinau), Open Space (Kiev).

Crosscultural Nomadic Cheese – artist run galleries micro cultures in milk

“Kultivator has brought milk from their farm, straight from the cows with no pasteurizing, which means that the culture of the farms surrounding is still in the milk. This bacteria micro culture and the conditions of the travel (heat from car engine, time (estimated 7 hours) and shaking from driving) will start the transformation of the milk into cheese. In Kultivators boot at Supermarket artfair, the milk will be processed further, creating the Crosscultural Nomadic Cheese.Kultivator will work on salting, pressing and shaping the CNC in the boot until the 20:th of February, when we can taste the CNC, and see what taste the raw material from the farm together with the great culture of Supermarket artfair has!”