Get Involved

A key ambition of this cultural platform is to gather and facilitate a group or network of people who are interested in foraging, plant knowledge, cultural heritage, windowfarms, and related forms of socially-engaged arts, food and craft.

Since 2011 we have aimed to expand the network from and across the Baltic sea region, to support broader engagements and collaborations.

We invite you to get in touch with associated persons below, organise similar activities, take part in related workshops (ours and others), share good links & projects, and help document and promote.

Online Forums

Mailing list

This public email list serves as a tool and resource for sharing event information, opportunities, invitations, and calls for support.

Social Networking

Since February 2010, there has been a facebook page for the raising awareness of the programmes we organised. Welcome to post there!

Currently it is a space for anyone to join and share appropriate links, projects and comments. If you are involved more than a couple of times, you may be given admin status.


We have used Booki to document several processes.

Welcome to develop or fork the open content into new versions or languages of Kandža International.


If you are interested to be involved in future Herbologies/Foraging Networks activities,
Or have suggestions about where might be a good place to focus in the Baltic Sea region and beyond,

Write an email to: herbologies ät gmail döt com