Participation in 2011

Activity and participation this year is more self-organised and based on smaller events due to lack of dedicated production funding. However, the network does reach out beyond the Baltic Sea region to new places and people.

‘Bee-o-Logical Housing’ Workshop led by Christina Stadlbauer, Transnatural Symposium, Amsterdam (12.03.2011), participants: Neva Lukic, Patricia, Emer Beamer, Yu-Lan van Alphen, Cocky Eek.

Edible Warsaw – First Expedition (8.05.2011) participants: Bogdan Jaśkiewicz (PL), Jodie Baltazar (US/PL), Wojtek Mejor (PL), Weronika Doboszyńska (PL), Sławomir Sendzielski (PL).