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New Yok Artist plan Roma World Collaboration Video Bridge Art Event - please take part!

ViestiLähetetty: 25 Tammi 2010, 11:52
Kirjoittaja markuspetz
Maria Agnese Giraudo wrote:

Dear Andrius, Franz, Janet,
I got from Fred the link of your initiative in Wien. I would like put you in touch with artists of Rome and Brookling to organize an art alive performance online bridging Brookling "Gelato Art Salon", Rome "Kontemporanee Art Space") and other towns around the word. Please read the email I have sent to MS lab.
All the best! Congratulations!
Maria Agnese

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*Da:* Maria Agnese Giraudo <mariaagnesegirau>
*Cc:* CARLO VALERIO PALMISANO <palmisanoin>; gisellasorrenti
*Inviato:* Sab 16 gennaio 2010, 19:52:15
*Oggetto:* I: Back for strengthen collaboration

I would like to inform you that the artistic event ARTevereWorld09, promoted by 00153 Kreazioni Kontemporanee Art Space with Gelato! Art Salon of Brooklyn, NY, took place from 16th to 21st December 2009. The artists would like to organize next year a more relevant event in Rome and are interested in contacts with artists to develop international network
Please contact:
Carlo Palmisano <> of 00153 Kreazioni Kontemporanee Art Space <>

Gelato! Art Salon of Brooklyn, NY Tomorrow I'll meet Gisella Sorrentino and perhaps also Carlo Palmisano I would like to put them in touch with you and present your artistic production in Nairobi. ... id=1169308 Love
Maria Agnese

ViestiLähetetty: 25 Tammi 2010, 20:04
Kirjoittaja Mikkoli
Sorry Markus, did you mean Rome instead of Roma? I couldn't find anything related to Roma people in the text.

roma is rome

ViestiLähetetty: 27 Tammi 2010, 11:17
Kirjoittaja markuspetz
Yes I meant


NOT Roma people