Autonpäivä Training - Car Free Day Training York, UK May 2010

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Autonpäivä Training - Car Free Day Training York, UK May 2010

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3E by World Carfree Network
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Training details
Activity organised by NGO/Others
Summary The objective is to facilitate and empower youth participation and to adapt the urban environment to promote social inclusion of young people across cultural boundaries
Activity date 2010-06-23 - 0000-00-00
Activity type Seminar
Target group Young people, Youth leaders, Youth Policy Makers
Group size 30
Venue place, venue country York UK, United Kingdom
Details Experts from across Europe will give a range of inspiring workshops on active citizenship with regard to youth, mobility and urban environmental issues. Specific themes include capacity building, online outreach, actions such as organising carfree days, project management for NGOs, engaging with the media and fundraising.
Costs 100% of the accommodation and food costs and 70% of the travel costs will be covered. Fee of 50 euros
Working language English
Organizer World Carfree Network Europe
Organizer's profile/framework of activity World Carfree Network brings together organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning at the international level and working to reduce the human impact on the natural environment while improving the quality of life for all. The objectives of this youth exchange are to advance young people’s active involvement in public discussions and local decision-making; facilitate information exchange and intercultural learning between youth NGO leaders; increase the skills of young people involved in NGOs; and foster intercultural cooperation and understanding.
Deadline 2010-05-15
Date of selection 2010-05-31
Application to
If you would like to attend please send a motivation letter and an estimate of your travel costs.
World Carfree Network Europe
Simon Field
Kratka 26 10000 Praha 10, Prague
Phone: +420 274 810 849
Fax: +420 274 810 849
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