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Group: European Art, Culture and Music Gateway

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A gateway to the world of art and culture across the borders and information about new and exiting areas within the field of artists, musicians, singers, studio and gallery performances.

Exchange of views, topics and fun – contact to professionals being involved local, regionally or worldwide. Be your own diplomatic person through your spirit of work.
Reap the benefit of other fields in the universe of art and culture and use the gateway to learn and explore new ideas worldwide.

European Gateway is not a limited forum for people living in the EU community and anyone interested to combine, write or travel to and from Europe will be able to benefit from any kind of information in the group.

“ The world is not bigger than a thought during a second “ … and most of the population on earth knows the countries from the south to the north pole. Art, music and culture are some of the best chain builders in the world.
Ask me and maybe I say
tell me and I might listen
feel for me when I can't feel for myself...
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