Alternative Online Book sellers challenge unethical Amazon

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Alternative Online Book sellers challenge unethical Amazon

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DIana Besterfield "I was approached by Housmans bookshop in London this week; they have been going for 57 years and, as you know, produce the Housmans Peace Diary. They asked if we could help them with their latest project by passing on a message to you. We don’t usually ‘advertise’ but I think with Housmans we can make an exception. Here is what they want the opportunity to tell you:

“To secure the future of Housmans we have launched an online shop in conjunction with Gardners Books, which can rival the stock carried by Amazon. We see this as an ethical alternative to Amazon, whose business practice involves union-busting, poor work conditions, and the squeezing of publishers and authors alike (for more details please see our website: We really need your support in helping us to promote this new webshop. The power of the internet allows Housmans to interact with those outside the London area. If just one of your supporters from around the country were to regularly buy a book from us it would really make a significant difference.

Many of our most politically conscious colleagues use Amazon, and when asked why, it’s because they know of no alternative. But now, wherever they live, people will be able to support independent and progressive bookselling from the comfort of their own home. I think it’s essential that we are able to provide an alternative to help dent Amazon’s monopoly,” explains co-manager Nik Gorecki. “It’s up to sympathetic book buyers to do the right thing, and buy their books elsewhere. Please support the shop that supports your campaigns!”


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