Training for Youth Workers on Debriefing August 3-12, 2010 Hollókő, Hungary

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Training for Youth Workers on Debriefing August 3-12, 2010 Hollókő, Hungary

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THERE IS a part III and app form to fill in. Deadline March 10 Please ask:

Etelka Kovács
Academy of Experience (Élményakadémia)
+36 70 207 0267
email to or

if you need more info on this:

What: Action 4.3 – Training for Youth Workers on Debriefing

“Learning from Games”

Where: Hollókő, Hungary

When: August 3-12, 2010 (including travel days)

Application due by March 20th, 2010 (including original Part III)

Who: 18 Youth Workers, Workshop Leaders, Trainers

EU Member States

Why: As youth leaders we often use games and activities as informal teaching methods. The activities give the youth a chance to have fun, work together, learn about themselves and improve their skills. But are our activities having the desired affects? Debriefing is a method of questioning participants after an activity in order to turn their ‘experience’ into ‘learning’. Without debriefing an activity we can lose these potential learning moments.

But what is debriefing? How do we do it? When/where/with whom can we use it? Are there creative methods of debriefing? What purposes can debriefing be used for (such as: social integration, understanding our dependence on the environment, responsible action, enhancing motivation of marginalized groups, etc.) and how? These are the questions we will investigate during the week.

And: This training is meant for ‘hands-on people’. You will take an active role in all parts of the training – from joining an international group to cook a meal or two for the group to trying out new activities and new methods of debriefing. Everyone will play a part in the success of the training.

Costs: As per the European Union Youth in Action Programme Action 4.3, 70% of your travel, and 100% of your food and accommodation will be covered as will all activities within the program. You will be required to pay the remaining 30% of the travel costs and your travel health insurance.

To Apply: Send an email to or

In the email please include the application form and signed and scanned partnership agreement

Participants will be selected and contacted.
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