Cultural Diversity in European youth work, as mediation between communities Hungary 2010-10-12 - 2010-10-17

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Cultural Diversity in European youth work, as mediation between communities Hungary 2010-10-12 - 2010-10-17

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Activity organised by SALTO
National Agency
Summary To reflect, explore and learn more about the field of Cultural Diversity in European youth work, with a focus on youth work as mediation between communities
Activity date 2010-10-12 - 2010-10-17
Activity type Training course
Target group Youth leaders, Youth workers
NA staff as participants
Group size 25
Venue place, venue country Hungary
Details Objectives
To reflect critically about personal and cultural identity
• To gain a greater understanding of cultural diversity in different local and national realities,
• To gain awareness of Cultural Diversity in today's Europe by learning about the wider geographical and historical perspectives of migration and immigration
To learn from cross community youth work, and raise awareness how that can lead to a more integrated society
• To explore ways in which participants can generate and foster a more tolerant society
• To better understand concepts which relate to the themes/topics of Cultural Diversity, such as stereotyping, prejudice, manipulation and limits of culture, structures and processes of immigration etc.
• To develop intercultural skills and competences related to international youth projects, reflecting on learning using Youthpass
• To get inspired to carry out future international youth projects through YiA programme and other resource possibilities

Don't expect from this training

• Programme space for contact making to create future projects. This may happen in informal moments.
• To practise skills on delivering methods, but it could be possible to be inspired by the sessions which are given by the trainers and others. There will be an optional space to share practice with peers.

It is four full programme days. General overview:
- Day One - group building, reflection on identity and self
- Day Two - dealing with the topic of cultural diversity - norms & values, limits, discrimination, prejudice, inclusion/exclusion, etc.
- Day Three - historical and local perspectives of diversity (experiencing local reality)
- Day Four - planning action for change

Youthpass will be a transversal element throughout the programme.
Costs The National Agencies will cover the travel costs of their participants. (see this link for their contacts: SALTO Cultural Diversity will cover the travel of participants from South East Europe. The hosting Agency will be paying your accommodation and subsistence costs during the course.
Working language English
Organizer SALTO Cultural Diversity RC & Hungarian National Agency
Organizer's profile/framework of activity Delivering training, co-operating with the National Agency network, providing resources and information to improve the quality and quantity of Cultural Diversity youth projects in Europe.
Deadline 2010-06-25
Date of selection 2010-06-30
Application to
Apply online Value the Difference MEDIATION- Application Form for PARTICIPANTS (October Hungary)
SALTO Cultural Diversity RC & Hungarian National Agency
Marina Gautier
British Council 10 Spring Gardens London, SW1A 2BN
Phone: +44 - 20 - 7389 4527
Fax: +44 - 20 - 7389 4033
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