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Kasvitietotalkoot - Foraging Know-how Bee Fri 19.3.2010 at 15-18 Helsinki

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Kirjoittaja markuspetz
Kasvitietotalkoot - Foraging Know-how Bee

Fri 19.3.2010 at 15-18

Ptarmigan Artspace
Nilsiänkatu 10
00510 Helsinki

Welcome to the first Foraging Know-how Bee at Ptarmigan Artspace!

Pispalan Cultural Association ry is organizing a happening putting together; knowledge of the useful plants that grow in the urban environment; wild mushrooms and their collection.

Info is to be stored in a guide which is openly available to all existing wiki-projects, including Wikipedia, Ekopedia and Wikikko.

The gathering will use materials and info on plants to bring about info signs that are to be distributed in the urban environment as part of
PixelAche event from 26 to 28.3

Foraging Know-how Bee demo contents:

-Presentation of Wiki projects, the differences between them and a brief refresh to show how to write articles and to add pictures to Ekopedia and Wikikko

-Writing of useful plant Wikipedia, Wikikko or Ekopedia articles with urban environment and food collection perspectives

-Plant-identification and creative use of plant lore in praxis

All plant knowledge is welcome, especially pictorial material, which you can bring to the meeting, either in paper or digital image formats.

Remember that images on Wikipedia, Wikikko and Ekopedia will become available for cost-free use by anyone.

The Bee, is led by Mikko Lipiäinen and Markus Petz of the Pispalan
Cultural Association ry, it will be in the languages of Finnish and English.

For more information:
Mikko Lipiäinen (at)

Examples of Wiki projects:

help update stuff here

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Kirjoittaja markuspetz