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Learning and Helping in the Permaculture Landscape May 3 – September 30, 2010 FULL VEGAN BOARD 10-15EURO per night

Lähetetty: 16 Maalis 2010, 19:04
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Learning and Helping in the Permaculture Landscape
May 3 – September 30, 2010

We invite you for a practical cooperation in creating a permaculture landscape running from May till the end of September.

We have big plans. Big plans that make the heart beat with joy and excitement, since our times require big steps for healing to occur.

In cooperation with permaculture specialist Sepp Holzer, a water landscape is emerging here in Tamera, surrounded by permaculture gardens as a model for landscape healing.

The intention of our work is to once again step into cooperation with nature through being in contact with the plants,the animals and the inherent dream of the land.

"Holzer's Permaculture is landscape design in a larger context to correct the mistakes of the past, to enable the symbioses of mutual effects, to let nature and time do its work, to reestablish natural cycles." (Sepp Holzer)

For people interested in practical work, we are offering the possibility (during summertime) to collaborate in creating self sufficiency in the permacultural system; working with fruit, vegetables, spices and seeds. At the same time this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the basic thoughts of Tamera.

Embedded in a professional team you are given insights into the main project areas and research questions of peace work.

Warm welcome!

The Ecology Team
Participation: minimum 4 weeks

Food and boarding: 15 € per person per night
Youth price (until 21 years): 10,00 € per person per night
Lodging in dormitories / tents and full vegan board

Registration: office(at) , phone +0351 283 635 306