Social and Audiovisual Media to Empower Youth NGOs TRAINING

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Social and Audiovisual Media to Empower Youth NGOs TRAINING

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Social and Audiovisual Media to Empower Youth NGOs
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Training details
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Summary The aim of this basic training is to master the use of new media for youth work and in the service of promoting youth activities. We will achieve this by analyzing, accessing and creating social and audiovisual media.
Activity date 2010-07-13 - 2010-07-17
Activity type Training course
Target group Trainers, Young people, Youth leaders
Group size 20
Venue place, venue country Ommen, Netherlands
Details Objectives

- To use media literacy and new media as a powerful tool in youth work
- To practise working with media in group context
- To use media for process-based youth work
- To foster a holistic approach for youth work and for media education, which combines working with the young person’s social, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligences
- To broaden youth workers’ experience of different kinds of media form and content to encourage innovation & creativity
- To develop specific skills in new media (creating)

Expected Outcomes

- You will learn effective, powerful methods for using media in youth work
- You will participate in processes of media making in teams
- You will have the chance to express personal-universal messages with videos and digital photography
- You will have an overview of what is media literacy and how it can be useful for working with youth in any context

The Method

This training course is based on the method of learning by doing. Participants will actively create the playing field and work directly with audiovisual media. Different non-formal learning techniques will be used, among them: games, simulations, theoretical input followed by active experiences and reflection, small group work, individual goal setting, sharing of experiences in the large group.
Costs As Synergy group we want to keep the expenses for participants as low as possible so everyone can participate. We realize that still for many individuals the travel and participation fee can be a big investment. We invite you to be creative with it, there are all kind of cheap ways to travel, if you spend some time to look for it or ask someone to support you in it. Sharing with people that you are looking for cheap way of travelling to Holland is mostly very effective. Also asking and sharing about the participant fee is a very effective way of getting support. If you think this training is for you do not let the money be an obstacle to give yourself this experience. • This training is financially supported by the Olde Vechte organisation • There is a participant’s fee of € 250. • Participants take care of their own travel expenses, there is no reimbursement. • Hosting, catering and training expenses are covered by the Olde Vechte organisation.
Working language English
Organizer Olde Vechte Foundation
Organizer's profile/framework of activity The Olde Vechte Foundation and the Internation Synergy Group trains young people to function more effectively and successfully in society. This training course is part of the foundation's interest in innovation in youth work.
Deadline 2010-07-01
Date of selection 2010-07-01
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