How to create an intercultural project? II Training in Czechia Activity date 2010-10-05 - 2010-10-10

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How to create an intercultural project? II Training in Czechia Activity date 2010-10-05 - 2010-10-10

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Summary How to create an intercultural project? II.; Training module focused on process of creating and realizing high-quality project with intercultural dimension (second edition)
Activity date 2010-10-05 - 2010-10-10

Target group Project managers, Youth leaders, Youth workers
Group size 20
Venue place, venue country will be specified, Czech Republic
Details Main aim of the TC is to help youth workers, youth leaders and beneficiaries to be capable of preparing, realizing, and evaluating projects focused on all topics related to the interculturality within the Youth in Action programme. We would like to raise their awareness on cultural diversity. Participants of the TC should be much closer to the knowledge of their own attitude towards interculturality and its potential in any project of Youth in Action.

***** The aim is to help the participants to find answers on following questions:
* What is the intercultural learning in the project
* Basic terminology and how to formulate the intercultural dimension of the project in the application form?
* What is not intercultural learning and how to avoid creating more stereotypes and prejudices?
* How and what can we learn from multiculturality in the project? How to work with my own identity in the project?
* How to organize the project in order to gain as much as possible from the meeting of people from different cultures?
Costs Hosting and programme costs are covered by hosting NA. Travel costs can be covered by the sending National Agency of the participant (please check before applying with your National Agency, if they accept to cover the travel costs for this TC). We are willing to cover travel and visa costs of 8 participants from Neighbouring partner countries.
Working language English
Organizer Czech National Agency YOUTH

Deadline 2010-06-07
Date of selection 2010-06-14
Application to
Apply online Cultural Everest - Application for EU participants.
Cultural Everest - Application for NEIGHBOURING partner countries.
Czech National Agency YOUTH
Petr Syruček
Na Poříčí 1035/4 110 00 Praha
Phone: 00420 221 850 921
Fax: 00420 221 850 909
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