Contemporary Art Assoc. Graz, Austria seeks EVS

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Contemporary Art Assoc. Graz, Austria seeks EVS

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Austria
Contact person: Christine Gantner
Coordinating organisation: LOGO EUINFO
Host: ROTOR:
Location: Graz, Austria
Deadline: 04/01/2012
Start: 03/09/2012
End: 31/08/2013

ROTOR has continuously been hosting EVS volunteers since 2008, always for a period of 12 months
ROTOR is an association for contemporary art based in Graz, Austria, and was founded in 1999. Most of the association's activities take place in Graz but it participates in, organises or co-organises projects in Styria, Austria and many other European countries. There is also a particularly strong linkage to the Southeast European area.

Contemporary visual art is always the starting point for our programmes, with an emphasis on art production that expressly deals with social, political, economical and ecological issues of our time. A strong focus on cooperation has always been an essential element of the ROTOR philosophy, as well as acting in networks. Moreover, the public space is a highly significant site for ROTOR, as a space where we can make art happen in seeking to leave behind the confines of the art space and actively engage people with art and extend our audience.

The main fields of activity of ROTOR are:
- conceiving and organising exhibitions (in our own space and in others)
- artistic interventions in public space
- Artist-in-Residence programmes (inviting artists from other countries to spend some time in Graz, and enabling Austrian artists to spend time abroad).
- publishing books
- organising conferences and lectures
- organising a monthly artist meetings to support the networks of the local scene
- keeping and expanding an archive about artists from Austria & Southeastern Europe

What we can offer in terms of Service and learning opportunities: - ROTOR constantly organises several projects at a time (f.ex. exhibitions, conferences, interventions in public space, publishing books, etc.). It’s a great place to learn how to conceive, organise and carry out projects of all kind – from the beginning to the end. This will thus support the volunteers’ sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. - EVS volunteers will meet many different interesting people – artists, activists, cultural workers, … and will thus be able to improve their social and civic competence - the volunteers will be in contact with many artworks and will thus learn about contemporary art, about material and technical aspects of artworks, about their handling, and so on. - the volunteers will be provided with a computer and will be handling technical devices (needed for the exhibition) – and can thus improve their digital competence - sometimes the volunteers are involved in the creation and the handling of a budget for a certain project, which supports mathematical competence - ROTOR provides language courses for non-Germans speaking volunteers as well as for German-speaking volunteers who are interested in learning or improving another language - by keeping worksheets where the volunteers enter the projects they are working on and by reflecting on what they have done together with the mentor and how they have learnt, we try to support their learning to learn competence Role of the volunteers and activities: We have two working places for the volunteers: one in the exhibition room where they are the first person one meets when entering , or they sit in the back office together with the team. The volunteers support us in all our projects, for example by: - taking over small organisatorical parts of bigger projects (i.e. communicating with artists and organisations, doing researches, booking travels/accomodation, …) - helping to set up exhibitions (not only hanging up pictures, but also preparing installations, setting up videoworks,…) - giving information to visitors - helping to keep our webpages updated - supporting the team in all kinds of daily tasks - attending to our archive

Please send your application/CV and SPECIFIC motivation letter until 04/01/2012 to the coordinating organisation LOGO jugendmanagement gmbh. EVS coordinator: Christine Gantner, Please express why you want to participate exactly in this project. Only applications with SPECIFIC motivation letters sent to the address above will be considered. Don’t forget to name the project title and the project number.
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