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Emergence of Projects - The Alt Art Scene in Vienna

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I have been a visiting fellow at GIVE, based in Vienna. While there I took part in a few arts projects and also visited some galleries. This included WUK:


Association for the Creation of Open Culture and Workshop Houses. Some history:

How it all began
“It is evident that there is a lack of cultural spaces, which promote an everyday culture as a life practice and investigate social models that support community-oriented conduct. In an open cultural and workshops house the association sees the opportunity to widely remedy this deficiency and to create in the TGM such a social model.”

Excerpt from a letter about the intentions behind WUK’s foundation – Helmut Fielhauser, Walter Hnat, Christine Leinfellner, 1980

and philosophy / what WUK does


In WUK terminology, the words “autonomy” and “self-management” have to do with all WUK structures and activities outside of the WUK association and WUK Cultural Productions. Around 130 house groups, initiatives and individuals work in the seven autonomous sectors: Sociopolitical Initiatives, Children and Youth, Intercultural Initiatives, dancetheatreperformance WUK, Workshops, Visual Art and Music. They have in common a basic democratic decision-making structure and the organisation of internal issues via monthly plenary meetings. The WUK Forum is a coordination, discussion and advisory committee for the seven sectors and the WUK board members. The seven autonomous sectors and the associated groups and initiatives are described in detail under Self-Management.


The Künstlerhaus Wien


Where I took part in an Open Space Technology as part of

Kunst und Kapital in the METAmART experimental art project. It is self described as "METAmART 2011 is exhibition AND experimental market situation."


If you have Facebook you can see some pics here:

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 254&type=1

In that Open Space technology I met Helga Köcher, who runs a project / mailing list / online groups for a group called Emergence of Projects.

A translated explanation of what EOPS does (very simply artist advocacy and support) is here from her:

EOPS loves,

First, a Christmas present from me:
I waited a while, if someone offers something to SHARE. Unfortunately this was not the case.
So now what comes from me: I am offering to go through motions and texts for submissions.
So I assume, of course, no guarantee that they will be accepted.
But experience shows that it is good when someone looks at the submission of substantive consistency, consistency and formal linguistic accuracy.
I offer this not because I am bored, work on eop ViennAvant overflows and eh
But it's just a shame when good ideas and a lot of work on formal or linguistic reasons not come to fruition.
Of course I need a little time for it. Please do not send at the last minute!

That SHARE is not yet gained momentum, makes me think.
The trend is especially the oncoming successful long term in this direction.
The current TIME subtitled their 51st Edition (online only in two weeks) "PART WITH ME" and begins its Business section (p. 29) with a full-page headline: "Mine is yours. Whether clothes swap parties in Berlin, rented or private gardens in Bonn Carsharing in Hamburg: Consumers no longer want to own everything, but a lot of experience. They share and borrow instead of buying. " "Collaborative consumption" Rachel Botsman calls this phenomenon in her book "What's mine is yours" http://www.kbbevents.com.au/speakers/rachel-botsman/ describes: Community consumption. "We are experiencing a shift from an I-we-culture to a culture." Or as the poet and nonfiction writer Mark Levine in NY Times Magazine put it: "to visit parts behaves like the iPod to Achtspurkasette, the solar module to the coal mine. Parts are clean, fresh, urban, post-modern; possession is boring, selfish, fearful, backward, "....

Mizzi Schnyder has today sent a Christmas gift: their Facebook guide. Thank you very much, which is certainly helpful for some! From the people who are on the mailing list eop, are all 123 (!) On Facebook. Here, when more mutual interest would be shared (or at least interest created by me for the promotion of their own eop work on FB) - with Liken, Share, Comment - might bring considerable publicity for the activities. And if someone does not want publicity for what she / he does, why is he / she be on Facebook - but not "private"? ... ... Facebook is a medium. Everything else is a misunderstanding ...

Is our next jour fixe-eop
Monday, 9 JANUARY 2012, 18:00 clock, Café Resselpark, Wiedner Hauptstr. 1
U1/U4 exit at the Evangelical School, tel 505 56 28

The report on the fixed day of the fifth December is on http://www.eop.at/wasisteop/eopjourfixe/
The documentation of the open space of 27 November is also supplemented with some photos: http://www.eop.at/datenbank/projekte/op ... rspektive/

In eop currently crystallize out the following fields:

1) Community Building - Development of structures:
Clarity about what the network participants and participants will need and what they offer.
Optimization of information flow
Knowledge about best practice models
The benefits of a network can only come through open communication.

2) Interdisciplinary projects:
In a period but are now a few more interesting submissions to the Call "New Radical" came.
In January will be the team effort eop-intensive organization in bringing about the respective partners pairs.

3) discourse:
As a good space for it proves the eop fixed day at a late hour, when the adjacent property issues are discussed

4) eop as a political actor:

Beautiful relaxing holidays and best wishes for much joy, inspiration and success in the New Year!


So I recommend getting in touch with these places and people if in Vienna. As I hope to move there this year I will try and help with that. If anyone is interested feel free to write to me directly.
Ask me and maybe I say
tell me and I might listen
feel for me when I can't feel for myself...
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