training course on creactive degrowth Milano

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training course on creactive degrowth Milano

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Call for partners for training course under Action 3.1 of Youth in Action program; BUEN VIVIR training course on creactive degrowth
Dear organisation

I'm Elena Muscarella and I'm writing on behalf of CRIC an italian ngo, involved in the field of migration, interculture and youth partecipation .We are currently searching EU partners and not EU for a project in the framework of youth in action programme.
I put below a short description of the projects, if you are interested to take part as partner to the project please let me know in order to send you all the document of partnership
Best regards
Elena Muscarella

PROJECT BUEN VIVIR: training course on cre-active citizenship for alternative development and convivial degrowth


Despite the fact that many scientific reports and documents demonstrate the non sustainability of the actual development model, above all under the environmental point of view, the current orientation in economy is still based on a logic of consume. Even before been a strategic choice in

order to have a practicable world, de-growth is first of all a cultural challenge aiming to the deconstruction e de-colonize common imaginary that still look at progress, economic growth and consumerism the final aim of life itself.

The basic idea is not only to show the non sustainability of the actual economical development model, but also basing the educational process on the values and knowledge re-discovery, and to suggest and test concrete and responsible actions.

AIMS Exchange and awareness actions (training course) to search common alternative educational path ways (non traditional and informal) in order to promote critical thinking on the non sustainability of actual development models, under the economical and social point of view, and promote new practices based on de-growth theory

The aim of the project is to stimulate in the participants critical thinking on a set of topics based on de-growth theory, in order to increase awareness and propose moment to reflect and debate on the non sustainability of actual development models under the economical, social and environment
point of view.
The objectives of the partnership are
-Promotion of the de-growth theory
-Enhance critical thinking and promote discussion on social and economical development models
promoted by the actual market oriented polices
-increase cooperation among institution that promote non traditional and informal education
-search for common alternative educational path ways more suitable to investigate non traditional
learning topics.
The themes faced during the project fall under the ‘8R’ chapter of de-growth
Re-allocation: long and short way to the market. How cotton, wood, flowers, corn, milk and others
products reach the market; the experience of Solidal Buying Groups
Re-use: re-use not only with the aim of not wasting, but also knowledge and competences re-use
of old practice that are getting lost, from ri-use food left over to knowing how to do specific manual
works (sewing, darning, bricolage...)
Re-discovery: re-discovery of time freed by work as an element able to qualify life, to facilitate
citizens fulfilment in political and private life, conviviality, but also as a process to share
competences and knowledge

Venue :Milano october 2012
4-5 participants for each country
deadline : 1 febbruary please send us scanned a copy of part III signed to

and in original to the following address :elena muscarella, via xx settembre 137, 20099 sesto san giovanni Milano
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