"Hidden Reality" - 2 yrs documentary photo project fr adults

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"Hidden Reality" - 2 yrs documentary photo project fr adults

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Euroarte Association announces the launching of its newest project: "Hidden Reality" - an international 2 years documentary photography initiative, focused on identifying and creating a pool of strong images in order to present to the general public some of the new, unrevealed, interesting and intriguing aspects of the current social issues in Romania, Latvia and Portugal. The project is coordinated by Maquina de Somar Association from Portugal, in partnership with Euroarte Association from Romania and ReFoto from Latvia, being financed by European Commission through Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Partnerships.
This Documentary Photography Project, Hidden Reality, planned to be implemented in the timeframe September 2011 – July 2013, will have as main activities:
· local documentary photography workshops in Romania, Latvia and Portugal;
· international documentary photography workshops in Romania, Latvia and Portugal;
· local photography promotion events, photographic art exhibitions;
· traveling international photographic art exhibition presenting the best images created by the participants during the project.
According to Ana Maia - representative of Maquina de Somar Association from Portugal and project initiator - "the main action of this project is the creation of photography workshops for adults on the topic of social issues/problems - focusing on the theme that is stronger in their territory - and to train their eyes to the search of images that concern these issues.
The project intends to show what's unknown by mere visitors, tourists.
The main idea of the workshops will be that the participants, first of all, acquire some notions of how to photograph - how to frame, and how to use the camera in manual mode, understand the basic of its operation. Then the participants should be shown some examples of what is documental photography and the kind of things they can search within the city. After the group should decide a theme and go out with their cameras, individually or in a group, to photograph. This photographing process may take some days. During these days, there should be meetings to share the photos and to discuss what might be needed to give a different approach to the subject. The orientation of the staff should be important in this phase of the process. The learners will be involved in the selection process, of course, and they will be helping with the settling of the exhibitions. The selection process for the mobilities of the learners hasn't been totally determined, but it is agreed that people with less opportunities to travel should be the ones doing so. This project will not be about who's the best photographer, it will be about motivation, it will be about personal growth."
Euroarte Association is organizing the first local documentary photography workshop in Romania, Bucharest, in February 2012. The detailed information and the procedure for the selection of the participants will be announced soon.
Please follow our websites and blog of the project if you want to stay in tune with the latest news and progress of "Hidden reality": www.fotografa.ro, www.euroarte.ro, www.hiddenrealityproject.blogspot.com.
Note: This project was funded by the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use of the information it contains.
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