DIY ethic org in Athens seeks Solidarity for Project EcoLogo

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DIY ethic org in Athens seeks Solidarity for Project EcoLogo

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Dear all,

this is Simona writing to you on behalf of European Village, NGO based
in Athens Greece.

We are willing to apply for a European project in the framework of Europe for Citizens measure 3
Measure 3: Support to projects initiated by civil society organisations

Our project it is titled "Eco Logo. From past traditions to modern
sustainable practices."

We would like to investigate and to select which practices coming from the tradition and in general from "rural European pasts" could lead, nowaday, our life back to semplicity and nature, to quality and sustainability.
We would like to discuss and compare our knowledge on the topic, to collect practices and to learn one from another.

If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible!


Thanks for your attention. Hoping to ear soon from you.


Simona Rossi
R.E.E.s. Rare Earth Elements
Minturno (LT), Italy
European Village
Athens Greece

I looked at the website here in GREEK:

and translated:

The "European Village" is a civil (NGO) non-profit company.

Created in late 2006 with the help of a grant (future Capital) of the General Secretariat for Youth with a former recipient EVS volunteer from Athens.
The organization operates both locally and at European level (and past international missions volunteers in Africa).
Through our activities we try to promote a culture of solidarity, cooperation, respect for the environment and life in general.

The main areas of interest are:

- Social (nonprofit) and solidarity economy
- The barter,
- The fair trade,
- Biodiversity and respect the natural environment,
- Organic farming,
- Ethical consumption
- Self-sufficiency and DIY practices in general,
- Experiential / non-formal education
and - the alternative models of living / financial communities.

We we all of us to create new social structures that will succeed this cruel and insatiable economic system we live.
Like any great turn of history can not be absolutely sure that will come up but the only sure thing is that we are now unsure of what to leave behind and those are: greed, individualism, the ME too, violence, the oppression of man by man and man to life in general.
The above approach to the problems of our times can not be piecemeal but holistic holistic as it should be and the depreciation of the old economic model.
The environmental, social, economic problems is based on the problems of consciousness and thus must deal with through cooperation and dialogue.
We as an organization trying to put a bit of the reality that we will build all of us and all the "villagers" the global village.
Ask me and maybe I say
tell me and I might listen
feel for me when I can't feel for myself...
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