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-The Week Against Racism-
Happenings in Pispala on Saturday 24.3.


Selininkatu 5 (Tahmela K-market building)

10-12 Yoga lesson and discussion 

Yoga teaching demonstration and guidance of yoga mudras, pranayam and relaxation techniques. Finally, the discussion on the importance of Yoga in Indian culture. A voluntary payment.
12-14 Chai Breakfast 

Preparing Chai tea with the guidance of Suva, a light breakfast tea and fruits. A voluntary payment.

Suvadeep Das has practiced yoga since childhood. He likes yoga classes and live fire tea room facilities on Saturdays from 10 to 12 from a small registration fee. Cultures in the cafe's morning show it is possible to take part in a two-hour yoga exercise free of charge, to hear background information on the type and enjoy a light breakfast offering a voluntary fee. In English.

Cafe of Cultures

Contemporary Center of Art Pispala and Pispala Library, at 14-22

Coffee and tea as well as Iranian and Senegalese cuisine

15.00 Tuonen lehto
Old Finnish dance music. Percussion melodies with catchy twist. Kusti Vuorinen: accordion, Konsta Eskelinen: violin, Otto Eskelinen: bass clarinet and alto saxophone.

16 -17.30 Formatia Roxyr
The Roma musicians band has toured in Finland playing in the streets in different cities and attracted the attention with skilful and cheerful attitude. Ensemble will perform in the courtyard if weather permits, to where the cafe has been expanded.

17.30-19.00 Film screening: Mama Africa
Mika Kaurismäki's documentary about the exceptionally talented and charismatic South African singer Miriam Makeba (1932-2008). She gained an iconic status during her lifetime as a singer and human rights defender, travelling around the world and opposing racism and poverty and defending equality and peace. The film screening is in Pispala Library, Tahmelankatu 14

19.00 Samai Ba
The traditional Kurdish music. Rezgar Fatah's, Fardi Abbas' and Ako Laki's band skillfully uses traditional Kurdish instruments, such as big Däff drum.

20-21 Disco Sénégalaise
Birama will play Senegalese pop music and music videos including different music genres, M'balax music. He also prepares Senegalese cuisine Mafé .

-Free Entrance-
Contemporary Center of Art Pispala, Hirvikatu 10, Tahmela
The locations of the happenings are few minutes walk from each other.
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