Requesting info about your projects for Renewable Map

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Requesting info about your projects for Renewable Map

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Subject: [Renewable] Requesting info about your projects for Renewable Map
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 13:03:07 +0300
From: Rasa Smite <>
To: renewable (AT)

dear all!

we (RIXC) are currently updating data for Renewable Network Interface -
which is online research tool that maps people, projects and related /
emerging (post-media/trans-disciplinary) fields:

as Renewable Network interface will be exhibited in "Gateways 2. Art and
networked culture" exhibition - in Basel, Switzerland in June, 2012

we would be very thankful, if you could drop me short info about the
projects which are not yet included in this Map,

we need just very basic info:

1. Project title:
2. Author(s) name(s):
3. URL:
4. Fields - which is most important part - i.e. tags, categories,
keywords describing your project (2-5):

you can either choose categories, which we have already set (from list
below), or you can add your own (new) category:

Art and agriculture
Art and science
Artistic investigation
Cultural heritage
Electromagnetic waves
Energy harvesting
Environmental research
Food as energy
Household traditions
Information and energy
Light pollution
Marin ecosystems
Natural farming
Nature and technology
Open source
Participatory culture
Radio spectrum
Renewable energy
Solar technology
Sustainable technologies
Urban beekeeping
Urban gardening
Window farming

5. and also you can send small-size picture of your project!

we will be very happy for your contributions!

with the best regards,

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