Meirän Pelto Osuuskunta - Our Own Field Cooperative

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Meirän Pelto Osuuskunta - Our Own Field Cooperative

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Meirän Pelto Osuuskunta - Our Own Field Cooperative

We want to have clean, locally produced, organic food directly from the field to fork. Operating by mutual agreement, we want to minimize the burden caused to nature by farming methods, transportation, packing and intermediaries.
It is important to us, that we can grow our own food, with our own hands, and serve our families healthy and empowering experiences of working together.

• We have rented 3 ha of field in Kangasala and employ a professional gardener to grow vegetables and root crops for our members.
• Our members are helping the gardener, by working voluntarily at the field, a few times during the summer. The harvest is equally distributed to the members on a weekly basis in Tampere city center.
• The co-operative organizes events such as: self pick-up days at the field, seasonal parties, study circles and smoke sauna evenings. These events allow us the possibility of spending time together and to learn more about nature.

Do come along to Meirän Pelto Osuuskunta, to marvel, learn and wonder about the vitality of the earth.
e- maili:
fb- group: Meirän Pelto Osuuskunta

Tanja Korvenmaa 044 2974 584
Ülle Kärk 044 0309 033
Rebecca Koskenniemi 045 6710 865
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