Ecotopia Newslettr (1-21 Aug. 2012, Flaeming Region GERMANY)

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Ecotopia Newslettr (1-21 Aug. 2012, Flaeming Region GERMANY)

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Ecotopia Newsletter (1-21 Aug. 2012, Flaeming Region (Germany)

Newsletter Ecotopia 2012-07-04

Dear people,

It’s three weeks to go till Ecotopia starts!
Ecotopia will happen from 1st-26th of August 2012 in Jänschwalde near Cottbus, Germany.
Jänschwalde is close to the Polish border, and can be reached at regular intervals by train from Cottbus, a trip of about 20min. Make sure you get out at Jänschwalde Dorf, as there are two stations!This information and more will appear asap on .

Ecotopia is cooperating with Climate Camp, taking place from 11th till 19th of August 2012 at the same camp site in Jänschwalde. The area is dominated by heavy brown coal mining, and therefore energy issues are at the core of the Climate Camp.
More info about the climate camp at ... n/english/

The camp site

An open grass field hosting a small group of several trees, with a small ridge of forest across the street, at the edge of Jänschwalde. The owner of the field is also our friendly neighbour, from which we get drinkwater and, to a limited extent, electricity.
From the field, we have a spectucular view on the brown coal power station some 10km away, which quickly got nicknamed cloud factory last year.
Behind the forest ridge, at a 15min walking distance, there is an enormous brown coal mine, by-and by eating up the land, if it’s progress isn’t stopped in time.

The field has a limited source of shadow only, please be aware of that in your packing! Hats, tarps, and other means of sun protection are vital with sunny weather!
Parking space for cars next to the camp site is available to a limited amount.

The village of Jänschwalde is really sweet.
A large lake area is situated about 5-8km near Peitz, and can be reached by bike, probably as well by local public bus.


Ecotopia has no formal organization as back-up structure, so everything is in our individual hands.
The first week is dedicated to a merry build-up of what we will be needing, accompanied by our music and singing and those of the birds:
An info board, kitchen, showers and toilets, the bar, a first aid tent, and a big gathering and harbouring place manifesting itself as a circus tent. Never set up a circus tent of 17m diameter? It’s awesome!
Meals are organic and vegan. If you have food imcompatibilies, please let us know on arrival, so we can take it into consideration.
Cooking and dishwashing will be done by us, the participants. The kitchen is run by Wam, who welcomes helping with cutting greens and other support he will ask of us.
Keeping the sanitary facilities and the field clean is a shared job as well, so we take care of our inputs and outputs.
Evenings can see a camp fire and friendly people chatting along till the cows come home.
With the basic structures accomplished, Ecotopia unfolds it’s familiar and yet surprising spectrum of workshops, action, exchange, arts and play. This will mix with the Climate camp’s activities for fruitful interaction. We are invited to support Climate camp’s opening action, a public manifestation in Cottbus about the brown coal mining, and alternative energy sources.
The last week is the harvesting and clearing-up party, leaving the field empty, and the participants fulfilled.

Necessary, practical and beautiful Things to bring

The first two points are quite essential, the following ones optional. Choose wisely according to your needs and opportunities.
your tent, sleeping bag, plate, cup, spoon and knife, sun as well as rain protection, other personal belongings, water container
first aid kit
tools (hammer, saw, screwdriver, pincer, nails, screws, string or cord, scissors, knife, tape, more sophisticated tools if you have and like to bring)
toilet seat with lid as contribution to the toilet building workshop (about 20 in total needed), toilet paper
musical instruments, playthings, colours, paint, pens and paper

The participation fee

is intended to harmonise participants’ financial opportunities. For this goal, the currency of the eco is introduced, with 1 eco equalling 1/1000 of your monthly income. The participation fee is 15 Eco per day. The participation fee is declared in eco, and you convert it into the currency you use in daily life, thereby arriving at what you can contribute.

Workshops, seminars, performances

Ecotopia is the place to share your skills, knowledge, wisdom, dreams, contacts, creativity!
If you want to give a workshop, seminar or performance, it is very welcome to announce it already now. We will publish it on Ecotopia’s webpage.


Participants willing to support the camp with
skills in first aid
structuring and organizing information for the camp
registration and finances: collecting the participation fee and keeping track of it
documentation: taking pictures, creating Ecotopia’s journal
During morning circles (usually after breakfast, paying respect to weather condions), issues of the day and the camp are handled and decided together. There is usually one or two facilitators, and a set of hand signs helps to keep group communication flowing. The language will mostly be English, people not fluent in this language can be helped with whisper translation.

Visa support

Participants needing visa support: please send an e-mail with your relevant personal and passport data to .

Now, we are looking forward to let Ecotopia 2012 happen together! Be welcome! Be welcome to spread the news!
Greetings from Agnes of the preparation group

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