Moose House & European Heritage Days 8.-9.9.2012

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Moose House & European Heritage Days 8.-9.9.2012

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European Heritage Days is a fall event which opens the door to valuable buildings and other places of interest all over Europe. Events in Finland focus on the second weekend of September.

European Heritage Days' (ERP) aim is to increase awareness of the diversity of cultural heritage, in particular as part of its built heritage. Events stimulate debate and to promote the local architectural heritage awareness and appreciation. Get involved in the work of the cultural environment and built heritage!

Every year, Heritage Days countries participating choose a theme, which will tackle one of the architectural heritage areas. The 2012 theme will examine exercise and sports environments.

Moose House is open on Saturday, 8.9. at 14-19 and Sunday at 12-19 .

Coffee, art exhibitions. The house cafe you can listen aradio play about repairing old house.
Selfmade ping pong table in the yard.
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