4th March is Get Online Day

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4th March is Get Online Day

ViestiKirjoittaja markuspetz » 13 Helmi 2010, 17:54

Hello All,

4th March is Get Online Day. http://www.telecentre-europe.org/index.php

The centre I work out of in Saltburn is a UK Online centre associated with this. http://www.destinations.uk.com/

I want to do something on that day connecting across Europe. This could be a range of things not just video bridging but perhaps cultural exchanges, pictures, stories, recipes, music, video etc. I'm still mulling over the mechanisms but it could also be an online quiz or two.

I have a group who would like to challenge Julijas group but I'll contact Julija direct about that. I'd like to get a link between Uzupis and Carlin How where we plan to establish the Embassy but perhaps also Stockton Cultural Quarter where I've also initiated a Digital Village.

And perhaps by then we may have another film for you "The Making of the Force is With You" but no promises. Just some scattershot ideas - ill formed at present. I think I have an idea how we could also arrange a virtual visit to the reall Jetty, again no promises but an idea.

Ask me and maybe I say
tell me and I might listen
feel for me when I can't feel for myself...
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Pispala Contribution

ViestiKirjoittaja markuspetz » 19 Helmi 2010, 12:26

The contribution from Pispala will be a walk called

Beyond the Edge

the basis is what we have now from Mikko, and I will try and work to get more content around that. So Mikko and I chatted over this, this morning and we think that some sound pieces, or interviews etc. if we can. There is also a map of Pispala and if we can use that it can be good.

Ask me and maybe I say
tell me and I might listen
feel for me when I can't feel for myself...
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See Official Registration here

ViestiKirjoittaja markuspetz » 24 Helmi 2010, 18:21

Ask me and maybe I say
tell me and I might listen
feel for me when I can't feel for myself...
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ViestiKirjoittaja markuspetz » 02 Maalis 2010, 13:46

Tervetuloa googlekävelylle!

Artivisti Mikko Lipiäinen johdattelee luovaan virtuaalivaelteluun Googlen
katunäkymäpalvelussa klo 16 alkaen. Vaeltelussa tutustutaan parjatun,
kiitellyn ja maailman tunnetuimman
internet-yrityksen karttapalvelun uudehkoon Street View -ominaisuuteen,
jonka avulla voidaan tarkastella nyt myös Suomea kadunkulkijan näkökulmasta.

Vaelteluun voi osallistua osoitteessa
www.hirvikatu10.net/googlekavely, tai Pispalan kirjastossa, jossa
Googlen uuden palvelun ja vaeltelua varten toteutetun www-sivun
käytössä opastaa artivisti Markus Petz.

Googlen karttapalvelussa osoitteesta Hirvikatu 10 alkavan vaeltelun
kuluessa liikutaan katunäkymästä
toiseen omaan tahtiin ja omia mielenkiinnon kohteita seuraten.
Vaeltelun aikana tarkastellaan näkymiä
sekä niiden herättämiä tunteita ja ajatuksia, joita on mahdollista
jakaa vaeltelun www-sivuille
lisätyn helppokäyttöisen ilmoitustaulun avulla. Selvitätkö milloin
Googlen kuvausautot ovat vierailleet
kotikadullasi? Törmäätkö itseesi? Miksi tutun rakennuksen kohdalla
onkin vain musta ruutu?

Googlekävely järjestetään yhteistyössä Pispalan kumppanuus ry:n ja
Pispalan kulttuuriyhdistys ry:n kanssa.

Pispalan kirjasto
Tahmelankatu 14


mikko.lipiainen (AT) gmail.com

Get Online Day – Tampere leads the Way in Finland!
TAMPERE, 1 March 2010
Get Online Day is 4 March 2010, and Tampere steals a march on Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä! Co-ordinated by Telecentre-Europe Get Online Day is a pan-European event in the framework of the eSkills Week 2010. It has support from the Microsoft Unlimited Potential programme. Get Online Day aims to bring people online and is aimed at folk that have never used the internet.

Do any exist in Finland? Well according to Telecentre-Europe “this target can be indentified more or less in all European communities.” Head of Tampere City Library Information Society Services, Marjaana Merläinen agrees “we run basic courses here in Sampola library and also in Hervanta library at our 2 Tietotorit, as well as our internet-bus Netti-Nysse and today we have here some local people that are just getting to grips with the basics.

These “graduates” can now use the mouse, open a browser and they have the ABC of how to use internet. We also offer more advanced courses. E.g. how to create a blog, how to use Skype or other social media, how to search information, how to deal with digital photos etc. It is also possible to reserve a time for personal guidance at a Tietotori. All public libraries in Tampere have wireless access.”

National Co-ordinator for Finland, Markus Petz adds “Other aims of Get Online day are to raise awareness of digital exclusion and the benefits of using the web. We want to promote telecentres, like Tietotorit the library service offers, although we also see places people can get help getting online. For instance the Pispala Kumppanuus ry, where I work helps various associations with their technology needs. Pispala Kumppanuus ry, helps unemployed people of working age to get the skills for jobs."

One of those is trainee librarian Vesa Lehtinen who says "I work in the community at the Pispala kirjastalo, where I show people basic computing, as well as more advanced stuff like editing a wiki. I have been interested in technology since the VIC-20 days in the early 80s. And with my help anyone can easily learn what they need to get going."

Along-side business use there is also a chance for seniors, so called silver surfers to get online. Mukanetti ry is an association that works in Tampere with those over 50. The Mukanetti association promotes equality among different generations by training seniors to master the new information technology in all fields of life. It also works with the physically disabled.

In the coming five years, only 10% of jobs will be left for those who have no ICT skills, a figure that is especially significant at a time of rising unemployment in Europe and worldwide. As the EU moves forward on its vision of being a leading innovation society, skills issues will become more urgent.
European telecentres are representing essential paths to eInclusion, struggling to enable everyone to take full advantage of the Knowledge Society. Telecentre-Europe works along with its stakeholders to strengthen the impact of telecentres in communities across Europe.

Get Online Day involves at least 15 European countries, 15 national partners, more than 1000 telecentres and will reach more than 10 000 digitally and socially excluded people in just one day.
You can take part in Get Online Day in Tampere too.

Events include:

1. Sampola Tietotori, Sampola Library, at 11am March 4th where you can meet the graduates of the latest basic computing course. National Co-ordinator Markus Petz will be there too and some folks from Mukanetti.

2. Hervanta Tietori, Hervanta Library, all day there is a basic introduction from the knowledgeable staff.

3. Video-bridge back channel chat room, Europe wide, from 10:30 all day. There is a chance to connect with the Digital Village in Saltburn by the Sea (England) and take part in a pan-European event. So live blogging, roaming cameras and animations will feature from the Destinations Tele-centre in Saltburn. The back channel can be found through the Video-bridge back channel chat room:
http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/home. ... ge=english

4. Welcome to a Google Walk!, Pispala Library and anywhere online, at 16:00. Mikko Lipiäinen, will be running a walk. Wanderers may participate at the library or online at:


1. Press Conference:
11am March 4th, Sampolan kirjaston tietotori, Sammonkatu 2, PL 59, 33541, Tampere
Tel. 040 800 4659 (Marjaana Merliäinen)
Photo Opportunity: Tietotori, silver surfers, community hacktivists and National CO-ordinator

2. Hervanta Library open 10.00 – 19.00.
3. Saltburn Digital Village: http://saltburn.org.uk/
and destinations program at http://destinations.uk.com/gold/

4. Welcome to a Google walk!

Artivist Mikko Lipiäinen brings a creative virtual walkabout with the Google Street View service, starting at 16. Check out the world's most famous Internet firm's new maligned and praised Street View mapping feature. By wandering, it now allows us to consider the street hiker's point of view in Finland.

Wanderers may participate at
or at the Pispalan Library, where artivist Markus Petz will guide on how to use Google's new service for wandering.

Google's Map Service will begin the wander from 10 Hirvikatu. After, you move in the Street View at your own pace and following your own interests. The ramble will explore the places, their aroused emotions and thoughts. It is possible to share these on a user friendly bulletin board as part of the website set-up for the excursion. Can I figure out when Google's cars have visited my street? Do you encounter yourself? Why is the familiar frontage of a building only a black screen?

Google Walk is organized in cooperation with the Pispalan Kumppanuus ry and the Pispalan Culture Association ry.

Pispalan Library
Tahmela Street 14


mikko.lipiainen (AT) gmail.com
Telecentre-Europe: www.telecentre-europe.org
Mukanetti: http://www.mukanetti.net/
For more details: Contact person name: Markus Petz
Organization: National Get Online Day Co-ordinator for Finland, works at Pispalan Kumppanuus ry
Ask me and maybe I say
tell me and I might listen
feel for me when I can't feel for myself...
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