New York "artist community" forming and offering opportunity

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New York "artist community" forming and offering opportunity

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Jeff Archambeault • I should have posted the link to the website at


Actually, the site is full of dreams, the main page has the most up-to-date info, including a parcel of land for sale. I am looking forward to posting pictures and prices of the artwork currently being done there in the near future.

In short, my family owns 100 acres of woods in Northern Saratoga County of New York. We also own a portable lumber mill. My father mentioned about 8 years ago that he'd like to see an artist community. I translate "artist" to mean cultural creatives, makers, thinkers, tinkerers, crafters, writers, musicians, and such, and would love to create a facility for education, exploration, and sharing,

We've hosted a party of about 100, but think that the first goal would be to support 24 people on weekends. We will be offering all-inclusive weekend classes, with a focus on New York City residents.

The planned building weekend would create a community kitchen/dining facility for the target group size, waste management facilities (I'm leaning toward sawdust toilets), and perhaps a larger multi-purpose cabin for classes and sleep space. We will be fundraising via jumpstart and just plain asking for money, supplies, food, donations, etc. The whole weekend could happen without spending a penny beyond what it takes to get there; nails/screws and shingles would be the costliest bits, gasoline for generators for power tools may get expensive, but food included could all be done for under $1000.

After these basics, several "tiny houses" will be built as weekend and seasonal rentals and/or long-term community residence. That will be about the time we start clearing a few more acres of land for crops. At that point it would probably qualify as the largest hamlet in the town. :)

My experience with this will enable me to travel and help bootstrap other such communities. Using what is available to make things happen usually has a low-impact on the local environment; learning and sharing techniques learned through using local resources can help other communities in unexpected ways. Contributing a bit of "sweat equity" in other communities builds great relationships.

It is really time that the word "community" lived up to it's potential. For me, communication, collaboration, sharing, and caring are the pillars of a Global Villages Network.

Thanks to everyone for their interest, and here's to moving forward with the Global Villages Network!
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