Open call: Axis of Praxis residency (Mooste and Tallinn)

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Open call: Axis of Praxis residency (Mooste and Tallinn)

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This is an open call for a joint residency between MoKS (Mooste) and Ptarmigan (Tallinn). The Axis of Praxis residency programme will offer the possibility to research and develop work in and between two distinctly different contexts within Estonia. MoKS is located in a village in rural south Estonia and Ptarmigan in the capital city of Tallinn. MoKS is an organisation run by artists and researchers, with experience in organising a diverse program of residencies, art symposia, projects, workshops and more. Ptarmigan is an event-driven organisation that focuses on trans-disciplinary projects, building participatory culture and social practices. Within the Axis of Praxis residency there is a possibility to organise joint events between the two centres.

Although both cultural centres operate in contrasting environments, we share an interest in exploring and engaging with the places and communities that surround us. Axis of Praxis is a residency opportunity aimed at utilising these similarities and distinctions, as well as helping to build connections between the two organisations. Preference is given to proposals of a social nature and/or including open-form collaborations. We are also looking for creative methods and forms of learning as a model for culture building.

Who we are looking for
Artists, organisers, curators and researchers of all artistic and creative disciplines. While our residency program is orientated towards contextual work with environmental or socially- engaged practices, we also offer a comfortable concentrated atmosphere suitable for focused work, writing or research.

This is a two month split residency: one month in MoKS, one month in Ptarmigan. The order does not matter. The residency times available are from August - December 2013.

Number of residencies offered: 3

Who is eligible
These residencies are being offered for residents of Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Aland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The residency is supported by the Kulturkontakt Nord Nordic-Baltic mobility programme.

What we offer

cover of travel costs to and from your home, and between Tallinn and Mooste
a monthly stipend of 700 € (1400€ total). (To receive stipend and travel costs the artist must stay in the residency a minimum 85% of agreed time)
working and living space
access to MoKS and Ptarmigan facilities and assistance for realisation of project.

How to apply
Applications must be submitted electronically via our online proposal form: ... nd-tallinn

The deadline for applications is 15 June 2013.