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John & Evelyn Grzinich: Permeate 7.-28.6.2015 AVAJAISET 6.6. klo 18

Kirjoitettu: 6.6.2015

Virossa työskentelevät taiteilijat John & Evelyn Grzinich esittäytyvät Hirvitalolla kahden teoksen näyttelykokonaisuudella Permeate. Näyttely on avoinna 7.6.-28.6.2015, ti-su klo 14-19.

Avajaiset 6.6. klo 18




Molemmat teokset tarkastelevat rajaa paikkana missä kommunikaatio tapahtuu läpi seinämien, erilaisten esteiden ja siirtymäalueiden, tilassa sisällä ja ulkona. Johnin ääni-installaatio sijaitsee talon ulkopuolella ja on kuultavissa talon sisällä näyttelytiloissa. Tämä sallii äänten ja luonnollisten elementtien voiman suodattua läpi talon seinien hajoittaen ulkoisen ja sisäisen rajat läpi kuuluvilla äänillä. Evelynin teos tutkii kasvua ja materiaalisia rajoja – ovat ne sitten luonnollisia tai keinotekoisia, teknisiä tai orgaanisia – sekä lyijykynän viivassa (käden ele ja ajatuksen jälki) että kuvien aiheissa.



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Both works consider the border as a place where communication takes place through membranes, selective barriers, transition zones, at spaces inside and out. John will install a sound installation on the exterior of the house that will be heard in the interior exhibition space. This allows sounds and forces of the natural elements to filter through the walls of the house, dissolving the borders between interior and exterior in what is heard. The work Evelyn presents explores growth and material boundaries be it natural or artificial, technical or organic, both in the line of the pencil (gesture of ones hand and trace of ones thought) and subject matter depicted in the imagery.


John Grzinich
has worked since the early 1990s as a freelance artist and cultural coordinator with various practices combining sound, image, site, and collaborative social structures. His primary interest is working with sound, combining such divergent methods as field recording, filmmaking, electro-acoustic composition, performance, spatial perception and acoustics, workshops and exercises in listening. He lives in Estonia and works as a program coordinator for MoKS, a non-profit artist-run center.

Evelyn Grzinich
I am visual artist and cultural coordinator, based in Southeast
Estonia. After working at artist-in- residencies in Iceland and
Finland, i co-initiated in 2001 artist-in residence program in
Southeast Estonia (now known as MoKS- Center for Arts and Social
practice). While coordinating activities and finding financial and
mental means for running artist-in-residence center, I have also
struggled for maintaining my practice as intermedia artist. Living and
working at MoKS 24/7 is ongoing life-university, what has offered me
opportunity to learn from artists from all over the world.

For a while my main interest has been in drawing. Drawing as a process
to explore how the movement of a tool (pen/pencil other direct mark
maker) and trace it leaves affects the body and its motion. This
surface-body-surface feedback is a generative method to shift from
abstraction to figural, method to reveal the way I think and construct
the present.

In the works presented in Pispala I explore natural and artificial,
technical and organic, both in line of the pencil (gesture of ones
hand and trace of ones thought) and subject matter depicted in imagery