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Spirituality – How I Healed From a Lifetime of Trauma 5.4. klo 19

Kirjoitettu: 2.3.2019

Spirituality – How I Healed From a Lifetime of Trauma (Spoken Word and Open Discussion)

With Craig Lewis.

Nearly everything I care about and love, including myself, was burnt to ash during the past 3 years. I spent from 1988 – 2015, taking unnecessary psychiatric medications. A team of Psychiatrists supported me in stopping all medications. They told me it was the pills that were making me sick.

While “symptom free”, I was left with cognitive damage and numerous life and health challenges that impact me every day. I have been put in impossible to manage situations my entire life and the past three years have been the most intensely devastating I have experienced.

The past three years are also the most overwhelmingly transformative and beautiful of my life. This was achieved by choosing to live a spiritual life. Three years later, I am no longer picking up the pieces of a broken life. I am creating a brand new life with a pure heart of love, and it is this precious self-love with which my personal fuel tank is perpetually filled.

Come spend 60 minutes with a man who successfully did what was believed to be impossible.

Craig will share of his experience candidly and direct from his heart. Look at me and /or listen. I am the result. Choosing to take control over your life and your health results in improvements and if we support all people in doing so; positive things can and will happen.

Copies of Craig’s books will be available in person for 17 to 20 Euros (sliding scale) and donations of 5 to 15 Euro’s are welcome for expenses.