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The Calling – Villi Akka’s workshop starts at fri 11.10. klo 17

Kirjoitettu: 11.10.2019


In this workshop, we will share our learned tales, fables, myths, legends and oral stories analyzing the archetype of the wild woman and the representation in them of women and non-male characters from an intersectional feminist perspective over tea and snacks.


We will learn together and from each other and we will create our own stories, individually or in groups, in written form or using other artistic expressions, and we will empower each other as individuals and community. This workshop is part of my artistic project and research “ Villi Akka’ calling* ”, during the workshops, I will also introduce the character “Villi Akka” as a half defined version we would use as support to our narratives.

The workshop is divided into 4 sessions + presentation/party.
It is free for the attendants and targeted to women and non-binary people.
If you are interested in knowing more and attend send an email to, telling a bit about yourself, your interest in attending, if you have read the Basic guidelines (below) and if you would prefer to attend the morning sessions or the evenings (4pm or after).
You can also ask me any doubt you might have.

⋆✩Basic guidelines:✩⋆

The workshop/sessions is a safe space and we all try to maintain it actively.
We listen to each other without interrupting and without judgments or preconceptions.
Nothing shared or created during the sessions can be shared or used without the explicit consent of the people involved.
We respect the personal space and needs of others.
We do not tolerate discrimination or hate speech.


Do I need to be a writer or artist to participate?
No. If you are interested and you respect the basic guidelines… Welcome!

Is it necessary to attend all the sessions of the workshop?
Yes. Is essential to come to the 4 sessions + presentation/party, but I am flexible to modify the time if is better for the whole the group, we can make an email group to discuss it.

I am very interested but I am afraid of not being able to create a story.
Don’t feel any pressure!
We all perceive and experience differently, and all our contributions are valuable in different ways. Everyone in the group is important. You would decide how to navigate the workshop and I will be always there to support you.

What language is the workshop in?
I will speak in English (but I am fluent in Spanish and I can understand basic Finnish and a bit of Swedish.) You don’t need to be an expert in English to participate but enough for communicating with the rest, if you decide to write a story you can do it in the language you choose.


About the Project
*The “Villi Akka’ calling” project addresses the “wild woman” Jungian archetype as the representation of women and other non-male identities through tales in contemporary life, challenging the negative image given historically by the binary opposition’s system, developing a multitudinous identity in connection with others.
The project grows in the junction between, identity, art, community, Intersectional feminism and the quality of myths as an open-source.

The project contains two interlaced parts:
- Villi Akka: Continuing a series of photographs, media, drawing, installation and texts.
- The calling: A series of workshops and individual sessions.