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2 butoh-kurssia Tampereella elokuussa

Kirjoitettu: 31.7.2009

Butoh-työpajoja Tampereella!

Elokuun viimeisellä viikolla Tampereelle saapuvat opettamaan iranilainen Mehdi Farajpour sekä pietarilaiset Grigory Glazunov ja Natalia Zhestovskaya. Viikonloppuna 28.-30.8 opettajat esiintyvät Tanssi Outo Paikka –tapahtumassa, joka järjestetään Pispalan Nykytaiteen Keskuksen ympäristössä.

Mehdin kurssi ”The corpse of mine” maanantaista perjantaihin 24.-28.8, klo 18-20.30

Kurssille osallistuva ryhmä työstää yhteisen demonstraation tanssitapahtumaan.Kurssimaksu 70 €

Natashan ja Grishan butoh-soolokurssi tiistaista perjantaihin 25.-28.8, klo 10-15.

Kurssi keskittyy soolotyöskentelyyn. Sooloja on mahdollisuus esittää tanssitapahtumassa viikonloppuna. Kurssimaksu 100 €

Molemmat kurssit yhteensä 160 €.

Kursseille mahtuu 12 osallistujaa.

Ilmoittautumiset ja kyselyt: railamar[at], 040 7386486/Raila

Kurssien kuvaukset:

“The corpse of mine” by Mehdi Farajpour

Length of each session:
2 H, 30 min


45 min (Hathayoga)
15 min (Break)
1 H, 30min (Butoh and physical training)

1) Every session we start with yoga and corporal research. This part of the workshop takes 45 min of start point of each session. During this section of the workshop muscles will affect mind to perceive existence of body with being more calm and concentrated. At the meantime, the body itself influences from mind to get rid of mentally and psychological complexes as well. This moment is exactly the time we start exploration on common border between body and mind, between action and inaction, between dancing and station. But mobile station.

2) The next step we have 10 min break just to think about bodily conditions after yoga tanning.3) For the main part of the workshop which is based on Butoh techniques, we will work on the subjects below:

– Body Stretching (Hatha yoga) to release physically or mentally contractions
– Rebirth and Creation of a new body for new existence
– Experiencing unusual bodily positions
– Discovering the Interior rhythm of everybody’s body
– Listening to and following the music coming from nature
– Moving on Haikus (short style in Japanese poetry)
– Balanced and unbalanced body training and gravity transferring
– Training on Mentally movements
– Natural body tries to stand up
– Perceive the body with keeping it motionless
– Creative images made by muscles
– Surrealistic feature of everyday life
– What my body asks me to show instead of me asking from the body?
– Getting rid of ordinary movements coming from routine civilization lifestyle
– Alienation of mind and body from each other
– Fantasy images of fancy stories
– Hanging body from the sky
– Differences between dropping body down and falling down?!
– Different focus points of body in movement
– Drawing on the space
– Impossible situations

Butoh Masterclass by Grigory Glazunov and Natalia Zhestovskaya

Butoh dance is an instrument to understand live and death, creation and recreation. Every person has this special instrument but uses it not in the best way. Natalia would say that her dance is a long pause between words. And that is so not because she doesn’t like words, but just wishes there weren’t so many of them. Her dance is like a parable which raises the imagination of the audience but without the prepared answer. It’s an invitation to the audience to make their own conclusion.

Beginners first prepare the body for all kind of difficulties which give the dance a special taste and unique appearance. They concentrate on their inner state. Then they learn how to use this self reflection as a base for all movements. Teach themselves to improvise with their own qualities. Creating an atmosphere around themselves. The purpose is to help the dancer to understand his own nature of his own dance.

More experienced dancers are asked to create a solo. There will be less time spend on body preparation, so it will be more focused on the exercises and therefore go deeper. These classes will be more individual. Recommendation will be given how to create a solo.

The result can be: new understanding and feeling of the body; new approaches to creation of dance when every sense, supervision or story can become a dance; assimilation of different dynamics of body and consciousness; new understanding of the founding out every even small movement; dance as an expression of every emotional even crucial feelings and as a method to pass them through; over effort as the source of dance when the will concentration gives the power to new unprecedented forms of dance.

Natalia’s and Grigory’s experiences in performing in very different places and situations; from forests and lakes of Russia and Finland to the best concert halls, as the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow, as well as the Anatoly Vasiliev’s Theatre.

From extremely alternative music clubs and festivals, such as SKIF or Modernization, to high level exhibition halls as the Central Exhibition Hall, Manege in Petersburg.