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Exhibition “Truth” in Center of Contemporary Art Pispala 12.9. – 4.10.

Kirjoitettu: 4.9.2009


The Truth is NOT Out There … its in Here

Pispala Cultural Association welcomes you to the Exhibition Opening of “Truth” in connection with 4th Pirkanmaa Triennial this coming week!

OPENING 11.9.2009 at 6.00 p.m. The opening is free and open to all.
Center of Contemporary Art Pispala a.k.a. Hirvitalo
Hirvikatu 10


The Exhibition will run 12.9. – 4.10.

“Truth” is the name of the current exhibition now on at the Pispala Contemporary Center, in Pispala opposite the library. It is being run as part of a series of events under the theme γνῶθι σεαυτόν – Organizing the Structure of Conspiracy. In addition there will be Art Mondo on 22 September, in the Pispala Contemporary Art Center and the same night Disco Occult in the Vastavirta nightclub.The events are part of the the 4th Pirkanmaa Triennial, which will see events in many of our best art venues in Tampere. Truth showcases a range of artistic views from across the world. There are anonymous contributions that deal with the current political reality here in Finland as well as artistic works from Africa, Asia, North America and other European countries.

Works come from both artists and activists and range from installations to video pieces. There will be live webcasts, film screenings and paintings and other visual art pieces. The art seeks to question – as all art should – our place in the world. At the opening there will be live music from Frankie Shannon, the sketch-play Vaaliralli will be performed by Teatteri Poleemi and Orgonisaatio will be placing Orgonite Healing Devices and explaining the philosophy of Wilhelm Reich and how it applies to us today.

The whole show can be contextualized as follows:


As long ago as 1651, in his book “Leviathan” the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes compared the complex structure of a modern country to that of a sea monster which had grown in size beyond the scope of human understanding. Now in the fourth century after the release of Hobbes ́ book, the monster has grown even more in size and complexity. Bigger than ever before! For many, it is difficult to see oneself as a part of this huge creature. While people are trying to get a grip of it’s complexity, different kinds of  theories are born – including those of conspiracies.

The conspiracy theories that can’t be proven either right or wrong can become prophecies of their time. There’s no hereafter or apocalypse that would prove their existence – or thereby non-existence. Thus contemporary “modern” societies have also the official media-religion with its own prophecies. People who are creating the alternative theories are the heretics that challenge these “officially approved” prophecies.

In ancient Greece, the proverb gnōthi seauton – know thyself was scribed above the door to the Temple of Apollo, inside of which the famous Delfoi oracle gave prophecies to people seeking wisdom and answers.

The modern day Hero, Neo of the movie Matrix encounters the same proverb in Latin when consulting the Oracle guide in the tale. This phrase can therefore be understood as counsel for those trying to understand prophecies – for true understanding of wisdom given from outside, we should first look into ourselves. Perhaps after that we can decide which prophesies we take for the truth?

For Further information please contact:
Markus Petz

or visit:


Marco Loechner
Andrius Kulikauskas
Ed Water
Lia Chavez
Lisa Erb
Stefan Riebel
Jol Thomson
Abby Donovan
Ivo Burokvic
Guenter Puller
Marius Leneweit
Andrea Huyoff
Sinasi Günes
Alan Bulfin
Harri Hykkö
Clint Enns
Leslie Supnet
Etta Säfve
Ismo Torvinen
Mira Heija
Mikko Lipiäinen
Kristiina “Krisse Sydän” Tuominen
Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
Edna Nelson
Laina Koskela
Ria Shannon
Beth Yarnelle Edwards
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Eric Schneider
Hernan Ohaco
Kevin Morgan
Frankie Shannon
Mika Pettissalo
Kristian Jalava
Mikko Kuorelahti
Jussi Pitkänen
Leslie Supnet
Harley Keskumäki
Louna Widenius

Hanneriina Moissenen
Anni Kolehmainen
Mari Vuorenmaa
Stina Riikonen
Teemu Raudaskoski
Joona Ruusuvuori

Teatteri Poleemi

and some artists who wish remain anonymous