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Future Shorts ja Pispalan nykytaiteen keskus esittää: Polkupyörä-drive-in -elokuvanäytös

Kirjoitettu: 18.9.2009



Aika: 26.9 klo klo 19-21.30
Paikka: Pispalan nykytaiteen keskus, Hirvikatu 10

Ohjelmassa on Future Shorts-lyhytelokuvien parhaimmistoa vuosilta 2008-2009. Muusta ohjelmasta vastaa elävä orkesteri Hulapulaband.

Hyppää satulaan ja suuntaa eturengas kohti Hirvitaloa. Tarjolla leppoisaa ulkoilmatunnelmaa ja popcornia. Omat juomat ja eväät sallittuja.


Future Shorts and Center of Contemporary Art Pispala presents:

Bicycle Drive-in Movies

Short movies and Hulapulaband, live music act.
On 26th of September from 19  til 21.30.

Free entry!



Dir: Run Wrake / United Kingdom / 2005 / 8:20
An animated childrens book with a difference.

Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
Dir: Chris Milk / United States / 2008 / 3:24
‘Who’s Gonna Save My Soul ‘ is Director Chris Milk and Gnarls Barkley’s second video collaboration from the album ‘The Odd Couple’.  Chris Milk brings some serious heart crooning to life.

I Met The Walrus
Dir: Josh Raskin / United States / 2007 / 5:00
Explores not only the correlation between colour and emotion but what would
happen if these colours were on display for everyone to see.

Dir: Grant Orchard / United Kingdom / 2007 / 2:00
Two rival armies, camouflaged, lying in wait, guns at the ready.

The Black Hole
Dir: Phil and Olly / UK / 2008 / 2:49
A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole – and then greed gets the better of him…

Peter And Ben
Dir: Pinny Grylls / UK / 2007 / 10:00
The touching and quirky story of how two drop outs found friendship in a hostile world.


Something Good
Dir: Eric Creevy / UK / 2008 / 2:45
Music video from Utah Saints.

I Love Sarah Jane
Dir: Spencer Susser / Australia / 2007 / 14:00
Post-apocalyptic zombie love story.

This Is Slovenia
Dir: Michael Frank / Slovenia / 2007 / 1:00
Josko Joras is an obstinate man caught between two fires. He lives on the disputed border between Slovenia and Croatia.

One Small Leap
Dir: James Walker / USA / 2002 / 3:00
It’s July 21st, 1969, and Neil Armstrong has just taken a giant leap for mankind. In Muskogee, Oklahoma, one man is turning back the evolutionary clock.

I Love Death
Dir: Hannes Häyhä / Finland / 2004 / 3:40
Music video for the band ‘Lodger’ – bass player Hannes Häyhä created this flash music video featuring a hapless one-eyed stick man which proved so popular he set up “One-Eyed Films”.

Dir: Evan Bernard / USA / 2007 / 2:10
Two friends meet on the street and greet each other by engaging in an impressively long and complex handshake. Once it’s completed they say goodbye, starting another minute-long handshake.

Le Grand Sommeil
Dir: Pic Pic André / Belgium / 2003 / 4:50
Curious events befall Cowboy, Indian, and Horse as they repeatedly fall into deep sleep.