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Soviet Film Nights every Thursday at 18.00

Kirjoitettu: 20.7.2021

Hear ye hear ye, come one come all, Hirvitalo is hosting soviet film nights which are gonna be a ball! (On Thursdays at 18.00)

Hirvitalo cordially invites all those interested for a screening and a discussion of hidden gems from the Soviet film archive taking place on Thursday evenings at 18.00 during the summer. The evenings are hosted by Romanian musicologist Sabina Constantin, who will introduce the film and its soundtrack before the screening, which will be followed by a Q&A session.
The movie of the week is Agony by Elem Klimov, for which Alfred Schnittke has composed the soundtrack. Klimov’s historical drama Agony is a portrayal of the director and the composer’s personal vision of the historical events of early twentieth century and the character of Rasputin, leading to the demise of the czarist Russian empire and society. Having both historical and modern relevance, the film portrays the past tragedy and its consequences in the years that followed. A noteworthy aspect of the film is the inclusion of historical footage and documents within the film.
WHAT: Screening of the film Agony (1974) and a presentation by Sabina Constantin
WHEN: Every Thursday at 18:00
WHERE: @Hirvitalo
WHO: Sabina Constantin (musicologist), you, you and you (especially YOU!).