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Janne Peltokangas – Sápmi Heagga 1.5.-22.5.2022

Kirjoitettu: 27.4.2022

“All inanimate things have only recently lost
the power of speech and they retain
the ability to hear and understand.”

Janne Peltokangas is a Sámi artist from Finnish Lapland. He has studied arts in five
different universities, including Gothenburg University, where he received his BFA and
MFA diplomas. In his work, Peltokangas intuitively explores forms of complexity through
traditional blacksmith techniques. He investigates the spiritual belief system of the Sámi
in relation to objects in nature.

For the past ten years, Peltokangas has worked as an artist around Europe and North America. His work has been shown in art museums,
galleries and Biennales, together with Eva Hild, Julius Voegtli and Rick Smith, to name
a few. He has received several grants and prizes for his art and practice.

The exhibition showcases works from several series. All sculptures depict distinctive
aspects from Sámi mythology. Forms and textures are intimately linked to the uneven
beauty of the wilds of Lapland. There is a cohesive structure between spirit and life-form
in these sculptures that expresses fading memories and traditions of Sámi.